About Bob

Bob Cogswell grew up in Mill Valley and graduated from Tamalpais High School. His love for fixing all things mechanical grew into an informal trade fixing friends cars (including the Vans and Cars of The Grateful Deal). The number of friends with broken cars got so large, he decided to open Sun Auto in 1971 after trying all sorts of "sensible" day jobs first.

Bob initially set up shop in Mill Valley and made Jaguars his focus. But over the years his experience grew and he became the go-to guy for all things British and occasionally Italian, German and American as well. Bob works on heirloom Jaguars like the E-type, on Lotus, Triumph, Morgan, MG, rare cars like an AC, Swallow Doretti, or every day drivers like an XJ6 or Range Rover. English treasures all they come to Sun for care, repair and restoration.

Bob has also been known to lend a hand at Vintage races, for pre-purchase inspections and is NOT afraid of a Jaguar V 12 overhaul.

Bob Cogswell